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Like you, we’re looking for the perfect fit.

Our Philosophy

We want to create excellent work that champions creativity and strategy; to enhance human interaction on the web, in print and beyond; to help our clients deliver effective, multi-channel marketing; to partner with wonderful, dependable people and companies; and to hone marketing plans to help clients achieve their goals.

Like you, we’re looking for the perfect fit. Rather than work with a high quantity of clients, we prefer to develop relationships with a finite number of partners who get us and see value in our work. Whenever possible, we choose clients with whom we foresee a long, successful future — as opposed to a single print project or one-and-done web design.

Alan Hathaway

Alan Hathaway

Owner / President

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Patrick Rose

Patrick Rose

Vice President

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KD Bernander

KD Bernander

Project Manager

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David Williams

David Williams

Content Specialist

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Becca Sheahan

Becca Sheahan

Web Designer

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Jim Quackenboss

Jim Quackenboss

Systems Manager / Developer

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Jordan Bradford

Jordan Bradford

Senior Web Developer

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What We Do

With every client, we start with the most important piece of the puzzle: learning about you — your business, your goals and your challenges. Once we know the ins and outs, we can confidently move forward and develop the right solution.


Account executives gather as much information as possible, including target audience, goals, specific requirements and available resources. As diligent project managers, they make sure milestones are met and proactively find answers to questions in order to curb potential issues down the road.

Content Specialist

Words matter. If the call-to-action text in your brochure doesn’t generate leads or your website copy isn’t creating conversions, you have a problem. Our content specialist produces engaging, results-oriented text; performs search engine optimization (SEO) research and implementation; analyzes website statistics and makes recommendations for keeping websites effective.

Graphic Designers

Plainly put, our graphic designers rock. Tell them what tone you want to convey, favorite colors, pet peeves and everything between, and they will produce custom layouts that will knock your socks off. You always have the final word of approval, so we welcome feedback and provide revisions whenever necessary.


The techno-wizardry of our developers is unparalleled. Not only do they transform the designers’ Photoshop layouts into fully functional websites, but also they build those extra interactive elements such as web forms, calculators, calendars, photo galleries and all manner of customized “whiz-bang” features. Mobile application development, web application development, e-newsletters and other digital projects also fall under their purview.

Open Positions

We are looking for a Web Designer to join our team! You can view the details here.

If you are interested in this positions, please send us your resume at

Agency FAQ

Do you sell shoes?

No, we do not.

(But if your company does, we can help you with your marketing communications!)

Where did you get your name?

After spending 17 months meditating with nondenominational monks in the Federal States of Micronesia, the serendipitous name came to company founder Alan Hathaway in the form of a vision filled with double rainbows, didgeridoo music and an anthropomorphic platypus who spoke two words: “brown” and “boots.”

Just kidding.

The owners’ 2-year-old son came up with it.

You guys make websites, right?

Yes, we specialize in custom web design — as opposed to cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all sites. But while websites are our bread and butter, we have quite a bit of expertise and experience in other marketing communication channels.

What do you do besides websites?

Is BrownBoots an internet provider?


What are your rates?

We charge the same rate for all of our services: $120 per hour.

How do you estimate on a project?

Creating accurate estimates can be challenging, but we approach it scientifically. Estimates are based on historical data and expected project parameters. However, many factors can increase agency hours and, therefore, the cost of a project, including long periods of “radio silence” without feedback or content from the client, excessive revisions and out-of-scope additions to the project.

Because “Wouldn’t it be great if…?” moments do pop up throughout the lifecycle of a project, we encourage clients to plan their budget to allow up to 15% over the original estimated cost. An account executive (AE) will monitor the project and alert the client if it appears the budget will be exceeded by more than 15%.

We do everything we can to move projects along efficiently in order to keep costs down.

What are your billing procedures?

Projects that are estimated at less than $2,000 are billed in full upon completion. Those that fall between $2,000 and $7,999 are billed at 50% down and 50% upon completion. For projects that are estimated at $8,000 or higher, a 33% down payment is invoiced, another 33% is billed upon approval of layouts and the remaining balance is billed upon completion.

To increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs, any tasks or tweaks to completed projects that are less than $240 will automatically be logged into a “miscellaneous” file and billed monthly. Clients will be notified if the work is expected to cost more than $240 and have the right to request a formal estimate.

We accept checks, credit cards and cash.

What services do you bill for?

Here’s what we do bill for:

  • Our outstanding work: research, concepts, copywriting, designs, code and project management
  • Project-related meetings, phone calls and emails
  • Travel time to/from client meetings
  • Retrieving/re-sending files from current or past projects
  • Consulting, even if our expertise doesn’t result in a project
  • Excessive revisions that push the budget and timeline beyond the original estimate
  • Tech support and CMS troubleshooting, unless it’s a bug on our end
  • CMS training
  • Website hosting and domain name registration
  • All other items listed on estimates

And here’s what we don’t bill for:

  • Initial meetings or conversations needed to prepare an estimate
  • Creating and distributing proposals
  • Meetings that we initiate to learn more about our clients (e.g., factory tour, “catching up,” etc.)
  • Billing/accounting
  • CMS upgrade training, when appropriate
  • Admission to our unofficial in-house LEGO® museum (though tips are accepted)

Do you guys really have an unofficial LEGO® museum in your office?

Yes, and admission is free.