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Logo design and brand identity for Tasteocracy
Logo design and brand identity for Tasteocracy

Client: Tasteocracy

Few things are as complex as rebranding. From market research to logo design/brand identity exercises to rollout, rebranding is as comprehensive as marketing projects get. Fortunately, rebranding can also be a whole lot of fun.

When a certain business-to-business corporation asked us for help with creating a customer-facing brand for their facilities that collect consumer input on food and other products, we were eager to sink our teeth into the project. The new brand needed to speak directly to their taste testers, strongly convey a sense of community (even though the locations were spread across separate states) and, above all, be fun.

But creating the Tasteocracy brand was only half the fun. We also assisted the client with organizing the rollout plan to ensure that the new brand assets — the chosen name and logo as well as all other aspects of the brand personality — were reflected in everything from the website and social media accounts to the lobby signs and welcome mat.

Strategy, technology, creativity, collaboration — all of these came together to produce an engaging brand and a very happy client!


  • Advertising (e.g., digital ads)
  • Branding/identity development (e.g., logo design, tagline, brand identity)
  • Copywriting (e.g., website text, brochure text)
  • E-marketing (e.g., e-newsletter design)
  • Direct mail marketing (e.g., postcards)
  • Print work (e.g., brochure design, signage)
  • Research and strategy
  • Social media
  • Website audit and recommendations
Direct mail marketing postcard for Tasteocracy brand identity
Direct mail marketing postcard for Tasteocracy brand identity
Tasteocracy's Twitter feed
Social media marketing for Tasteocracy