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We’ve heard ‘I didn’t know you did that!’ too many times to ignore.

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E-marketing and electronic newsletters

Do you want your next newsletter to jump out of recipients’ inbox and smack them in the face? Well, we can’t promise anything that dramatic, but the e-notifications, e-invites and e-newsletters we design get noticed for all the right reasons.

MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact — whichever service you prefer, BrownBoots can design and build templates for a one-time communication or regular correspondences with your audience. Need a matching Facebook tab or Twitter wallpaper? We do that too.

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Marketing campaigns

We take personal satisfaction in pushing ourselves and our clients outside of the proverbial box, but more importantly, we understand that creativity must work hand-in-hand with strategy. Our success in multi-channel marketing is a direct result of that balance.

There isn’t a canned approach to a successful marketing campaign, no “holy grail” template that says what always works and what always fails. Because each business, product and service is unique, specific tactics might work better in some cases but not in others. And because different audience’s preferences vary greatly, some channels will likely prove more effective than others.

From microsites, e-blasts and mobile apps to advertising, direct mail and other print pieces, we can manage a marketing campaign to connect with your audience. Understanding your target audience and their habits is always the first step to deciding which tactics should be leveraged in a marketing campaign.

But wait...there's more!

  • Blogs and social media marketing
  • Copywriting and copyediting
  • Creative solutions and brainstorming
  • Media and public relations
  • Just about anything else you can think of!