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“I get fired up by helping people and businesses solve problems and achieve goals by implementing the power of communication.”

KD Bernander at BrownBoots Interactive

KD Bernander Project Manager

Kathleen-Dawn — KD for short — has amassed many rich experiences working with a diversity of companies in a variety of roles throughout her career. That versatility, combined with her stellar communication, organization, and problem-solving skills, make her an ideal project manager for a digital marketing agency that champions both creativity and strategy.

In addition to her work at BrownBoots, KD’s professional background includes marketing, journalism, sales, customer service and event management. She has received certification as well as recognition for her social media expertise.

KD is a graduate of St. Norbert College, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies with a minor in leadership. An adventurous outdoorswoman and avid traveler, she lives with her husband and “spunky fur baby,” Hazel, in Waldo, Wis.

KD Bernander

Mad skillz

  • Communication
  • Task management
  • Project leadership
  • Customer service
  • Content creation
  • Digital/social media marketing


Email KD.

Most likely to…

…make a list and check it thrice.


Random Lake, Wisconsin

What do you geek out on while at work?            

Taking on new challenges, creating something from nothing, empowering others and enjoying the results of hard work

What are your favorite resources for keeping up to date on industry trends?           

Favorite beverage?

Coffee = life

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Cedar Crest Pirate’s Bounty

Favorite book?

Any murder mysteries, thrillers or historical fiction

Favorite board game or card game?


Favorite movie?

Titanic or Harry Potter

On nice weekends, you’ll find me…

Living on the edge — or, at least, doing something adventurous