Client: Kohler Co.

They aren’t 007 and we aren’t sure if they prefer their martinis shaken or stirred, but we do know they are client number 001. Kohler has been with BrownBoots from the very beginning and that is something we treasure. BrownBoots has worked with all Kohler divisions and hand-in-hand with their other vendors on numerous projects. Yes, we play well with others!

One of the Kohler projects that we are proudest of is Kohler At Home. Kohler had a handful of online stores that were managed by different brands and lacked consistency, therefore affecting potential sales. Kohler approached BrownBoots for their recommendation on increasing online sales. The result is Kohler At Home.

Kohler At Home combined all of their current stores, as well as increased in size to house additional Kohler-branded products. The result was a user-friendly online shopping experience, which has proven successful. Kohler has increased online sales and transactions, and subsequently developed Kohler At Home at The Old Course Hotel for their Destination KOHLER properties in St Andrews, Scotland.


  • E-commerce/store integration
  • Graphic design
  • Multimedia (Flash)
  • Research and strategy
  • Website development (HTML/CSS)

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