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Feast on these tips for efficient video production planning

By David Williams

If you think making a sandwich and producing a video have nothing in common, you’re mistaken.

We’ve had the pleasure of producing more than a few promotional videos and TV commercials for Moraine Park Technical College. The experience has helped us hone the planning, shooting and post-production processes — while indulging our inner Spielberg.

So when MPTC came to us for a promotional video for their Six Sigma training program, we were eager to push the envelope creatively, serving up a heaping helping of their impressive program statistics with a side of comedy.

(We’re pretty sure we invented “mayo wipe” as a cinematic term and technique.)

At a mere minute and forty-eight seconds, the Six Sigma video belies the many hours of coordination required to pull off such a production. The shoot itself took half a day, including setup and striking the set (i.e., cleaning up after some very sloppy sandwich making).

It would have taken much longer if we hadn’t had all of our ducks in a roll…er…row.

“Just because you’ve always done it one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way”; that’s the theme of the Six Sigma video. But it applies as much to videos as it does sandwiches. To make sure details don’t fall through the cracks — resulting in wasted time and, hence, wasted money — we’ve developed a step-by-step checklist to help schedule the many necessary tasks, including all of the work that must occur before the director shouts, “Action!”

Granted, some steps are obvious. You can’t shoot a video if you don’t have a script or talent to speak the lines or a videographer to stand behind the camera. But what about ensuring your actors have the script well in advance of the shoot — not to mention directions to the set?

And do you need cue cards? If so, who is responsible for making them?

Do props need to be gathered? Or created? Who is bringing them to the shoot?

Unlike the Six Sigma black belt in MPTC’s video, producing a high-quality promotional video will never be as easy as pushing a button and waiting for the magic to happen. But by using our template for video planning, going from that first client meeting to delivering the final file formats is less like the chaotic kitchen of a fast food joint and more like fine dining — an experience to be savored.

Eat your heart out, Spielberg.

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  1. These are great tips! I agree that by having the script available to its readers well before the shoot can help make things become more effective and efficient. Plus, practice makes perfect! Thanks for sharing!

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