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Introducing the ‘Wonderful Wizard of Wells’

By David Williams

Screen capture of Virtual Tech
Virtual Tech, a new interactive web app at, walks users through a troubleshooting wizard.

Here’s one wizard you won’t have to follow a yellow brick road to find…

BrownBoots Interactive recently worked with Wells Vehicle Electronics to create an interactive web app that helps automotive technicians and amateurs alike identify engine issues by walking them through a series of questions and, ultimately, recommending the most appropriate action to solve the problem.

Officially known as the Virtual Tech diagnostic assistant, this step-by-step wizard currently focuses on what to do if an engine doesn’t start or if it doesn’t run smoothly. However, the tool was designed in such a way that the client will be able to add additional scenarios within the existing frameworks of the websites Wells maintains for its multiple brands.

Virtual Tech also features short videos and is integrated with Wells’ interactive diagnostic trouble code lookup tool — one of several customized searches BrownBoots has developed for Wells’ websites after their launches.

“Virtual Tech is the latest in a series of innovative diagnostic resources that strengthen the relationship between our company and the millions of professionals and consumers who rely on our products,” Bill Nonnamaker, vice president of sales and marketing at Wells, said in a press release.

From BrownBoots’ perspective, Virtual Tech represents another example of the wonderful things that can happen when an agency and client regularly evaluate a website together to ensure it continues to meet the needs of its target audience.

Collaboration and innovation…a magical combination!